appointments at different locations, slots not available

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We use MS Bookings to make appointments at different locations. The locations have different time slots. Each location has its own services in bookings. So, we have Loction1, Location2, and Location3. We have 1 staff account signed to the services.
The problem is that when a book the slot 10:00 AM for location1 it’s also not available anymore for the other location. What I want is when I book the 10:00 AM slot for location1 it’s still available for location2, until that is booked.
Hope some can help. Thanks in advance for the help.
Kind regards, Finn

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Microsoft booking services is resource based,
1) set up different (staff/resource secondary mailbox) per Location1, Location2, Location3 - Then they will run independently
When setting up availability (avoid using "when staff are free") - set up services with customised hours.

Sorry for the very late response, your answer is very use fuel. :thumbs_up: