Anonymizing usernames in MS Bookings meetings

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I am working on the project for our customer. They asked me to prepare an interactive booking portal for their employees, which could allow them set-up the meeting with our IT specialists.

I used MS Bookings for this case and created the template for the calendars' bookings.


Now our goal is to anonimize our usernames in the meeting rooms in Teams.

What I would like to achive is to hide all IT specialists names for external customers during the meetings.


I'd like to have all of these 5 guys with 5 separate calendars (on their own M365 accounts) and let them join to the meeting but hide their real name and surname.

Is it somehow possible for specific users?


If not - could it be the best way if I create 5 new M365 accounts for them and they would log into the accounts named for example 'Employee#1' and use this account/calendar for the meetings?

I am looking for the best and easiest solution ;)

If you have any other ideas - please, dont hesitate to let me know :)




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Hi, did this ever get a response? Thanks

@jacoel Hey,


Unfortunately not, we created 5 separate, dedicated accounts for our employees.

Client only saw "Technician #1" or "Expert #2" name labels - and we only told the customers our first names.

I did not find any other solution and as I never had any response here - I had no time to look for another way to make it.