Allowing multiple bookings for the same time in Microsoft Bookings

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 I am trying to determine if Bookings is the right app for what we need. We have two separate open house events during one of our industry's largest conventions, and we'd like to invite people and have them sign up. because it is an open house, multiple people (up to 70) can register to attend. Ideally it would be with only one staff member - who would be in charge of tracking. I want to create these and only allow for the 2 hour time frame on those two days of the year to be options for booking. Is this possible? Or is there a better app for this? Please help! 

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I have a very similar requirement.
I would like to have a set number of classes which will be available on specific days of the week. I'd like a set number of people to be able to book one of the available slots.


I did try setting up fake staff to cover each appointment, but this just results in bounced E-mails...