Allow staff to view bookings calendar, but not have booking scheduled on their calendar


We would like to use Bookings to allow attorneys to schedule time with inmates. We would like all of our jailers to be able to look at the bookings calendar to see all the scheduled items, but NOT have the scheduled time added to THEIR personal calendar. Is that possible?

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I am kind of trying to do similar. Where i want other staff members to view the Calendar.

I have two issues that I can't find in the FAQ section

1. when a client is getting a booking confirmation email. is it possible to hide my email so they don't respond to that. So far the email a client receives is the new calendar name but when I try to reply it auto populates the owner/admin of the booking. This can get quite messy when many clients chose to reply the admin.

2. Can the bookings calendar be shared with an user in the same organization? So they can view it on their Outlook?

Did you find a solution?
I have not found a solution yet, sorry!