Allow "customers" to set their own appointment time length

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I am setting up a booking calendar for students to book time on instruments. I want them to book the instruments for as long as they need them, so let them set the "appointment" length. No staff member needs to be present, so the time booked is only limited to that instrument being available. How do I do this in bookings? They would just need the option to set appointment start and an appointment end times. This does not seem to be currently available. Can this be added or is there another app that allows this?

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@shannon1185 I am sorry this is not an answer to your solution but did you ever get an answer to this query?


I really want users to be able to set their own "appointment" length as it were. 

@jrb123 No I never heard back. I ended up setting 2 hour blocks as default and people can book more if they need more time.

I thought as much. Thank you so much for getting back after so long, I couldn't find any other resources asking the question we did. It's a shame because MS Bookings offered everything I needed except that one feature.
Look over 1000 views, this is diffidently an option that should be added. The "stuck with present" hours of this "service" is annoying. Especially if you are renting out a projector or something that doesn't need staff. A Service can be an object to loan out, not a "hair cut". Come on Microsoft :)