Allow multiple people to administer a calendar in Microsoft Booking

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I have set up a calendar in Microsoft booking.  This calendar is booking virtual office hours for me and 2 of my staff.  I need all 3 of us to be able to go into the calendar and add times and make changes if needed.



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@Laura888 You can change your staff's roles to be Administrator. Our problem is my staff has not been able to see/get to the booking calendar that I have created. Ideally we would each like to have access to make changes to the booking page/link.

@Amanda_Langton2270In my calendar, we have 7 administrators; all but 1 can access the calendar.  The remaining admin gets the attached screen when he clicks on a link to the calendar.  Really odd is that the URL of the page reflects the correct site.  He has a license per Azure AD.  He's tried on a Mac, a PC and in a virtual Windows environment.  Logged out and back in.  I thought maybe there was a limit on the number of admins the way there is a limit on the number of available staff, but I've removed a couple of staff and this guy still can't get in.Bookings.png 

I have this same issue.  I have 3 admins, but only I can see the bookings page/calendar where it shows the actual bookings.  Looks like it's tied to Azure/AD login, but then why be able to make other admins if they can't admin the existing page? @Laura888 

Have you checked they all have Bookings licenses on their accounts?
We have the E3 licenses/O365 Business Standard, all of our users have a license for Bookings.
We recently had a few of our staff unable to access the calendar when previously they could. We ended up removing and re-applying their Bookings license and this fixed it for us.