Allow Clients to Enter Service Location Upon Booking

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Hi there,


An issue I have with Bookings is that I have to manually update the Service Location field after a client makes a booking because they can't enter it in using the Booking Form.


My small business requires that I work at different locations at the clients request.


Is it possible to do this and I'm just missing something? If not, it would be fantastic to add this ability!




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It would be nice if Microsoft can add location, in the meantime there is a workaround you could use if you don't have too many variation of services. You could setup services with location, so client would see location name and the service on calendar when they go to bookings. You can setup your availability for each location under the service setup (set custom hours)


@Ngardi Thanks for the reply. Yeah that workaround would work, but unfortunately every service location I visit has a different address so wouldn't work here.