Allow booking by invitation only? Single-use booking URLs?

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We are trying to find a way to allow the public to book appointments for covid vaccines, but we need to pre-screen each person first to determine eligibility.  If someone is eligible, I'd like to send them a link to a bookings page to schedule their appointment, but I need to ensure that they can only schedule one appointment using the URL I send.  They should not be able to schedule an appointment for a second person using the same link.


Is that possible?  

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@Steve Whitcher We are also attempting to find a way to use Bookings in the manner.  I'm following your question.  If you find a way to do this please share.  Thanks.

I'm not sure who reads this but this is EXACTLY what we need with Bookings... a 1 time use link so our students can't book more than 1 appointment without our permission. Calendly and other third party programs have this feature that we are missing desperately with Bookings. We have put in a lot of time moving to Bookings because our institution uses Microsoft 365 but our office is really considering going back to Calendly for this feature since it also links with TEAMS and our calendar.