All Staff not showing in drop down menu.

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Hello and please help. I have added 5 new staff members to bookings and appointments were being booked until the other day. The 5 added staff members are no longer showing up in the drop down menu (but other staff are). I also noticed that my custom questions were deselected and not in order. Any thoughts, thanks!  

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I have since deleted one of the staff members and re created... still doesnt show up in the drop down even though it has been assigned to the service.....
I tried to add a new staff member today and assigned them to the service. New added staff member doesnt show up when booking an appointment. These issues are getting a little old at this point.
We had the same issue but appears to be working again this morning after I contacted support yesterday. Guessing a system got rebooted.
Hey thanks. Things are back to normal on our end as well!