All Services Disappeared

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We have been using Bookings for several years for interview scheduling. Today when we went into the tool we no longer have any Services associated with our page. It simply says 'There are no services configured.' We had many, probably several hundred, services and now they appear to be totally gone. Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone have suggestions on how to recover? Thank you in advance. 

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@SaraJAlliant Same here... everything gone :\

What is going on?

Hi, are you not seeing the services listed from the Bookings admin page or from the self-schedule page? Can you please share some screenshots?

How many services do you have in your Bookings calendar?


Yes, exactly. On my admin page, all services have vanished...

In pic 1, You see that no services are visible, but in pic 2 all the services are there on the booking page for the customer. The problem is that I really need to edit the services and cannot do anything.


Bookings ves.jpgBookings ves 2.jpg

Can you please DM me your self-schedule Bookings page URL or the SMTP of your Bookings calendar?
This is exactly what is happening with mine. They are still there for the customer to book and that appears to work just fine, but we cannot see or edit them. A week later and it is still the same. Please let me know if you figure something out.

Babu suggested it may be because we have too many services, but if that is the case I have no way to go in and delete any.

Tried creating a new page, but all our messages to any gmail account bounce back. That didn't happen with our original site.
Update! I was able to get our IT team to open up access to Bookings through Microsoft Teams. I read in some other threads that people have a better experience in Teams. Now when I access Bookings through Teams I am able to see all of our Services again! Still not able to see then when accessing Bookings through the web version, but we are going to reduce the number of Services to see if that helps.
i am having the same issue but I'm not even able to add new admins to the affected booking page and weirdly some other booking pages are fine. I also just had a teams call with Microsoft engineer/support but it didn't feel like they knew Microsoft bookings system at all but they will be collecting some logs.

@SaraJAlliant Yes! This works for me as well! Thanks for pointing this out :)
Hopefully, we'll get a fix for the main page soon.

Please share what you learn if Microsoft is able to help at all!
Also having thee exact same issues. Services disappeared and 'some error occurred' page is what the link to the user booking page displays. Please help.

@MODURO I can workaround it by using the Bookings app in Teams while I wait for a solution for this annoying bug. Funnily enough, it started working again today on the Bookings site. Hopefully, it doesn't disappear again. 

I hope this helps.