All Day Events Not Blocking Calendar

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If I set up an all day event in Outlook as either Busy or OOO, I would expect Bookings to block those days and not allow a meeting to be scheduled. I have had meetings made during this time and when I go to bookings, those days do not show as blocked. 

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This should work as long as the all day event is created as busy/OOF. By default all day events are created as free in Outlook, so please ensure that the free/busy status is set correct.
The second scenario could be due to caching, the availability shown in the self-schedule page is cached for few minutes, so it may not show up immediately on this page. But the appointment creation will fail if anyone tries to book an appointment as there is a status check again with live calendar at the time of appointment creation.

@Babu_Alagarsamy Below are screenshot from outlook where I created days off on Friday and also Bookings where I added time off yesterday.  You can see that bookings does not show my scheduled time from outlook. Please advise.





@jlcarpenter the event is showing up as busy in Bookings calendar as well right? 



Only because I added it in Bookings using the Add Time off option. If I delete that but keep the all day item in outlook bookings will allow appointments to be made. That is why there are 2 booking items in outlook. Below I have deleted the entry from Bookings but kept the entry in outlook. I should not need to go to Bookings every time I want to book an entire day event and have to enter the day off there or in this case all day meetings.