Admin role has changed to Guest!?

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I have had a MS Booking Page for quite some time now, with 50+ bookings per day with 10-15 staff members. I just noticed today when I logged in, I was unable to do any admin tasks, such as change booking times or change staff services. On closer inspection, I notice that my role has been changed to "Guest"!! Clearly as the person who set up the bookings site, I cannot be a guest. 

All the other staff members are set to Administrators, but when I asked them to logon to MS Bookings and change my role to Admin, they didnt see the bookings page we are all a part of.

If a user is a Administrator, is there a special way he needs to login to see the bookings page he/she has an Administrator role in? Otherwise it just takes you to a Personal Bookings page. I even tried searching in the "Discover" box it cannot find the Bookings page (which definitely exists!).


Please help





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Hi @chrismccafferty 


You can try checking the bookings homepage ( but I'm assuming that that is where your staff members cannot see it.


If you can't see it either and it doesn't appear in the "Discover" tab, there is a chance it may have been deleted in Microsoft 365 Admin Center.


You can check if it was deleted by searching for the user account associated with the booking page in Microsoft 365 Admin Center. You can find this user account by going to your customer page (if it even still exists) and looking at the URL:



Hi @haoduong,


I am also experiencing this issue.  I followed your steps and it shows my 4 booking calendars, 3 I am administrator on, and 1 I am the guest on, but should be the administrator:







Hi, it's not been deleted. It still exists and people can still make bookings. But I need to find a way to gain Admin access again so that I can amend services and cancel any bookings that shouldn't be there. I saw on another forum that it may be something to do with the fact it was set up under a shared mailbox address and that's why it switched to Guest. But I urgently need a way to gain access as Admin otherwise I risk losing my business!

@chrismccafferty If you have access to the email in the URL page maybe you can try using that sign in to modify the page instead (unless this is the email you are currently using). If it is a non-existent email, maybe creating that email under your company and assigning the proper licensing could let you access the booking page (I have no idea if this would work, it's just a theory). This definitely seems like a Microsoft issue though so hopefully someone at MSFT will see this and push a fix quickly!

@ScottMoon This is very strange, as far as I know guest access shouldn't even be able to see the Booking page on their bookings homepage. Were you able to see if you could access the email in the URL of the customer page?

Does MSFT have a helpline number or anything?
Not that I know of but there are members on this forum who work with MSFT. I believe they periodically check the forums for issues but I have no idea what schedule they use to do so. Maybe you can direct message them?

Here are two that I have seen interact with the forum recently:

@chrismccafferty staff role should not change automatically.

Are the other staff members added as Administrator to this Bookings calendar? Do you see this issue with just one Bookings calendar or with all of your calendars? If anyone else is able to access the Bookings calendar, can you ask them to remove and re-add you as an administrator on the calendar?


If none of these help, can you please create a support ticket 

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and we can help unblock you asap.