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I have a  bookings calendar with assorted services. Another employee made their own bookings calendar and added me as STAFF-ADMIN. But when I open bookings it only shows the one that created. How do I view the one that the other staff created so that I can make necessary changes to the services?

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@SchoolSupport I am having a similar problem. The people who I have set up as admins cannot access my bookings page. Please let me know if you find a solution. 

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@jsheridan355 , 


We solved the issue. When you are looking at the bookings page, click the little drop down arrow next to your business name. Click open and then search for whatever the business name of the other bookings page is. 

@SchoolSupport When I try to open a calendar that was created by someone else, but that I have admin access to, I get an error that I do not have access to the calendar.






Are you sure they added the correct you? When I looked at the screen shot it showed your initals as SJ (last name, first name) on the 365 at my school it would show JS (first name, last name). I wonder if the person who added you, didn't add your 365 account but did a manual add. 

Did you get an email saying that you had been added to that booking calendar?