Adding different service locations for each staff member

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We are using MS Booking for our colleges and set up multiple booking pages for different areas and uses.  One of the main uses is so that student can book a tutorial with a teacher. 


The current set up I have is that I have one service called 'tutorials' and I have multiple staff that can be chosen from the dropdown on the booking page. The issue I have is that you can only seem to set location on the service and not on the staff user. Each staff member has their own room or may want to be online bookings so having this set at the service level is causing some issues.  


Has anyone found a way to configure locations for each staff member on a 1 service? 


I know I could set up multiple services to achieve different locations, but I have 40 staff assigned to each booking page and I have 15 plus booking pages, so I don't want to add 40 services for each member of staff for every booking page. 


Your help is much appreciated 


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Hi,  I have the same issue here at my university - setting up advising/counselor appointments.   Were you able to find a workable solution?



Hi @JeffH11 


We have done a few trails on different options and the one that seems to have worked best for us it to have separate booking pages per member of staff with only the services they offer (e.g. Personal Tutorials, 1-1's etc) We then use a SharePoint page for our students, to signpost the tutorial bookings with links out to all the Tutors booking pages. 


The main disadvantage to this is that it has a lot of configuration setup initially and it also means we are not able to do a global report on tutorial bookings across each college. 


Another option we explored was to have the tutor listed as a service on 1 booking page. We found the limit of services could be exceeded to cater all tutors, but it did make the booking page look messy due to the number of services listed. It did however mean each service has a different location and we could report on all bookings easily. 


Hope this helps 



Thanks very much Liz. This gives me a few more ideas to try!