Add Custom Fields to Calendar view

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We'd like the ability to change the fields that display in the customer view. Our staff need to view custom fields as this allows us to prepare for bookings. Currently we have to open the booking instance and scroll down to custom fields. The issue with this is that there is a risk of bookings being incorrectly updated/deleted and it is time consuming.

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Hi Adrian - Thanks for your feedback!

Just to make sure I understand it correctly. Do you want to be able to see the custom questions in the calendar event when you click on it without having to double-click into it?


Image attached for reference.





Hi Gabriel,


Thanks for the response.


We use the calander on day view so this is where we'd like to see custom questions appear.

I believe it's the same thing though.


See attached image



Hi Adrian,


Thanks for the image, that helped clarify.

I will pass this feedback to our dev team, I would recommend that you also submit it at our UserVoice channel - 


Again, thanks for the feedback. It help us prioritize our work to provide a better product.



Is there an update on this?

I'm trying to create a bookings page for customers to select time for pre-scheduled slots for appointments. And i'd like the customers to enter their address as the location.
I need the customer's contact info to be visible in my teams calendar and their address as the location for the meetings.