Add additional people to a meeting created through Bookings

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How it currently works:

1- Customer goes to our website and creates a meeting with a specific staff member via Bookings

2- Staff member gets the meeting added to his outlook calendar


However, some meetings require more than one staff member. How can the person who receives the invitation add another staff member to that meeting? It won't let him add someone since he didn't created that meeting (Bookings did).





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This is what we are looking to do. Did you find a way to make it work?
We have the same problem as a room resource is set up in the same way as a staff member (As 'Staff' in the MS Bookings system). So we want the room resource to always be booked and a staff member selected as well.

This is also a feature my company would utilize as well. Until it becomes available, bookings is not something we can use. @BMERCIER45 

If you give the staff member a 'Scheduler' role, could they go back in and add the other staff member via the Bookings portal. Not an overly clean process but might solve your problem.
Blocking multiple staff/resources in a single booking is something we have in our roadmap, please stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, the staff can either forward their meeting invite to the second party or add them directly from the Bookings webapp following the suggestion from TimBoniface.

@davisjr Since we only needed to add one additional staff member to attend the meetings forwarding the booking from my calendar works well enough. She does not like that the forwarded meeting does not come with the option to accept or decline. It would be impractical if we needed multiple additional staff to attend. I used the example of a job interview when you might have one person book the spot, but need multiple staff to attend. Glad the issue is being addressed.