2nd. Email address will be created automatically

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Several colleagues in our company have set up bookings. But the poblem is, that a second email address is automatically created.  This Email Adress ist named accordingliy to the booking page. That Means the one which is registered in Business Information => Basic Details => Field “Name”).

The conversation partner books an appointment and when he then clicks on “Reply” in the appointment, the answer goes to the 2nd email address. However, there is no recipient stored there, so the email comes to nothing.

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Each Bookings page gets created as a Shared Mailbox in the background and that is the email address that gets created automatically.
Hi, thank you for your answer. Is there a way for a workaround. If the other participant in the appointment clicks "reply", the email goes to the automatically created mailbox and therefore not to the sender. I have the question, if I can you see the email address e.g. in the Active Directory and possibly set an email forwarding to the correct recipient? If so, where can the admin find this automatically created email address?