{0} (Deleted service) on calendar

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We utilize Microsoft Bookings to setup consultations with clients. I've noticed on one appointment I'm getting a calendar entry that starts off with "{0} (Deleted Service)" instead of the service the client actually picked. When this happens my dynamics integration is also not picking up the appointment, so none of my tasking gets published, and my conflicts department isn't notified of a new client. I noticed in a CSV export there are two entries for this particular client, one that has the Deleted Service tag in the subject line, and the other with the proper service. I'm really not sure what could have caused this, but I suspect that the invalid submission is causing a duplicate check to fail and that's preventing the good lead from coming through.


Have any of you seen this {0} (Deleted Service) show up on your calendars?

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@Brandon Jako did you ever get this figured out?


We're not seeing the {0} but we do see the (Deleted Service) string appended to end of the Title line for active appointments- it's confusing the "customers".