Option to remove "change or cancel appointment" for a service

Option to remove "change or cancel appointment" for a service



 Jun 28 2022
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There may be some cases where we do not want our customers to be able to reschedule a booking. Currently there is no way to remove the "change booking" and "cancel booking" from a) the booking confirmation page and b) the confirmation email (where there is the link to change the booking). 


It would be great if there was an option to remove the possibility for customers to change or cancel their appointment and have it show up without those buttons (in the same way that it shows when as an admin I manually book an appointment for them).


This is especially important since there is a bug: if I give customers access to a specific service ONLY, they can of course only book an appointment for that service. Once they have booked, if they press on "cancel booking" they can see ALL THE SERVICES, and book a slot for any of them (which of course we do not want them to be able to do)


This has created a huge issue for our training classes as they keep getting cancelled when one person thinks they're cancelling their registration it cancels the class for everyone.