Need appointments to be able to span across midnight

Need appointments to be able to span across midnight



 Sep 25 2021
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Currently it does not appear to be possible to allow a booking to be made between e.g. 11:30pm and 00:30hrs the next day.


I am testing the set up of a calendar for use by a global team.

Our customers are worldwide and require our services to be completed out of normal business hours.  We have staff who work 6pm - 3am.  Our customers can book an appointment with us for a 2hour task and we have staff scheduled to be available to do this type of task between 10:30pm and 2:30am the next day.
Currently the only slot that a customer can successfully book for the 2hr task is starting at 00:00 - 02:00hrs or starting 00:30-02:30hrs.


When trying to make the booking spanning midnight, the calendar seems to indicate that my team member is not available between 23:30hrs and 00;00hrs and so it isn't possible to book the 2hr task starting prior to midnight, even though that person is available.   


We should be able to book them 11pm to 1:00am for example but it is not possible. 

I can do this if I change the calendar timezone but that just means another part of the day has the same problem and shifts the problem to other teams in other regions.


If this is possible already please kindly confirm as so far I have not been able to find a way to make this work. 

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Technically you could have up to 23:55 daily, but you'd close for 5 minutes? because 0:00 is the 'new day' it is a paradox of how the time is calculated.


I also have requested support for this issue. I am awaiting their 'helpful response'