Customize text in pop-up confirmation messages on client side booking

Customize text in pop-up confirmation messages on client side booking



 Sep 15 2021
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When clients book, reschedule, or cancel, an appointment they see a confirmation pop-up message (see images attached). This is nothing to do with the email confirmations set up for each service, this is just a web browser pop-up box that is part of the process of using the client side bookings webpage. Would be great to be able to customize the text in these pop-up messages. If this is already possible please let me know how to do it.


Some examples:

  • "Thank you for booking with us!" is inappropriate for me as there is no "us", just me. A shorter "Thank you for booking." would be universally appropriate.
  • "We'll send you..." doesn't work when there is no "we", just me. The "You'll get..." is a more versatile option but is not used consistently across the three default confirmation pop-ups.
  • This may just be personal preference but a short and sweet "You'll get confirmation by email" is easier to understand and better UX than the default "You will get a confirmation message in email shortly".
  • Maybe this is a step too far but wouldn't it be great if the tone of these messages match the business? A casual, chirpy "All done!" will work for some but not others. I'm ashamed that my business is presenting this default text to clients - it clashes with the impression I like to present.
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This idea needs to be implemented urgently. Because when email field was disabled on booking form, this standard message still says "You will get a confirmation message".

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Agreed, this needs to be customisable. Allowing 'email' to be removed as a required field but then keeping this message referring to a confirmation email makes no sense.