Automatic shifting by prioritized bookings

Automatic shifting by prioritized bookings



 Oct 29 2022

Hello all,

via Power Automate and the Outlook-Connector I have been able to implement an algorithm that postpones my bookings - when a "fault event" (so called Blocker) occurs - as shown in the following GIF animation:


Postpone Calendar Events - Gifyu


For my use case, it is sufficient for now that the shifts are displayed only for me in my own calendar.

As an idea for a new feature, I would like to suggest that you can make a prioritized booking via Microsoft Bookings, which then moves all existing and affected bookings if necessary.

Idea: Prioritized bookings to postpone existing bookings


This would have the immense advantage that the availability times/opening times set in MS Bookings are automatically respected.

In my own sporadic solution, the bookings are moved mercilessly, without regard to the opening hours. And only I see the changes. Of course, this is not so optimal. I can build a flow that sends out a notification when a calendar event moves, but then the interaction to the datetime-data registered behind Microsoft Bookings Page is still missing.


Thanks a lot!