Allow multiple registration for Group Events

Allow multiple registration for Group Events



 Apr 20 2021
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We do group tours and would like to allow one person to register their entire family, without having to register each person individually, while still following a maximum participant rule.


For Example:  We can have 40 people in a group.  We would like when a family registers they enter the information (name, email, etc.) once, then indicate 5 people attending.  This would reduce the available slots in the group reservation from 40 to 35.  The next family would indicate 2 people and the available slots would reduce by two to 33.  In each case, the family only had to enter information once.


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Yes! This is needed so much! It seems the focus of the Dev team is all about the Large corps and how they could use it internally, and not much how smaller businesses can use it and making it user friendly for the customers.

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True, important and useful function to have!