Ability to Enforce Naming conventions

Ability to Enforce Naming conventions



 Aug 06 2021
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When you create a booking calendar it does two things:


  1. Creates a user in AzureAD
  2. Ties a mailbox in Exchange Online to this mailbox

Now we cannot enforce any naming conventions on these it seems so what happens if I name my calendar something like Joe.Bloggs. This will potentially cause confusion and also prevent the use of that user. Reporting becomes difficult too. If we as admins could enforce a prefix for the names or the like this would be beneficial. I see mention of the admin toolkit here but I can't see it on the O365 road-map or the like for delivery.

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Yes, needed.  People finding the wrong email in the GAL and it's creating confusion. 


What I've done btw. is I create bookings in different subdomain - the idea came from https://blog.markdepalma.com/?p=681 additionally, I create all the bookings in an automated way based on who is in the AD group - Using a bit Exchange Online PowerShell, and a bit MS Graph (for bookings) for this  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/api/resources/booking-api-overview?view=graph-rest-1.0. To connect to Graph API on delegated user permissions using a token I use this solution  http://laurierhodes.info/?q=node/137. Just till the line:

$ResponseJSON = $Response|ConvertFrom-Json

As later I use


to connect in the Connect-MgGraph.

Can write more detailed instruction if someone is interested :D

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Hi Pawel - curious to know how you automated this, please share more details