Why No Action on Bing Autojumping to Top of Page Results Since This Was Brought Up in March of 2021?

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So, there is this ongoing bug with using Bing that upon hitting a link, and having a new tab open up for that search result, Bing auto jumps back to the top of the search results upon our returning to it.  This is annoying, it slows people down, and since there has been no action from MS to fix it, I am opening a new discussion (of which there are more than mine) in hopes MS will address this.  But since it appears to be at least two years this bug has been occurring, As of today, I have to refrain from using Bing any longer. It is enough that I am so aggravated by this, that I am stopping my work in the hopes of looking for a fix or workaround and only finding nothing—just requests for one.  As much as I prefer Bing to Google most of the time, I just can't rely on it anymore.  The fact that Bing requires having to plod through a list of results I had already been through just to find which link I used last is ridiculous. This bug is slowing us down and creating an annoyance where there is no excuse for one to exist.


And why, upon everyone who has reported this bug through Feedback (including myself), the only response received by MS is the same boilerplate email acknowledging your submission and technicians will be looking into.  When?  The first report of this on here was in March 2021?  It is now March 2023.  So, if I sound a bit pissy about this, it is for that reason and no other.  There is no excuse a company the size of MS can't handle a simple bug fix, especially when it is affecting something like a search engine they intend to compete against Google, let alone all the others. 


Two years?  Really?

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