WHY I CAN`T USE microsoft-rewards IN INDIA.

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I WANT TO USE microsoft-rewards IN INDIA .



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@Arya_189 You can change the country to USA and you can get Microsoft Rewards, I think. @Alyxe can you please confirm this?

Hi @Arya_189, welcome to the Bing Insiders community! Microsoft rewards are not available in India currently. If you changed your region to the USA to earn reward points, your search results would be less relevant to your current location and, if you were to accrue Microsoft rewards, your rewards would be in US Dollars, not Indian Rupees. For more information, check out our Microsoft Rewards FAQs. You can also get support by visiting our Support Request page.  


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this is not fair. can you pls fix it or will it come to ind. pls reply@Alyxe 

You are right I support you.

@Kam I tried every country which it showed where rewards are available but it doesn't work

hmm then ig the only option is to wait for Microsoft Rewards to support India and other countries.
I changed to United States and D.C. but it still doesn't works.

@Kam  we start microsoft only for india


@Arya_189 how to use microsoft reward use in india

bro i am so poor i want microsoft rewards if i get at least xbox1 or any console i will be the happiest please help @Alyxe i can't live without fun (games)
please @Alyxe make it also for india
Today i seen microsoft rewards i can access to it iam in India but i am not usin vpn