What is the best way to help make Bing become better and smarter?

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I'm looking for the best ways and methods to help Bing become smarter and better.

in search results from English and other languages, in reverse image search and processing etc.


what would they be, from developers' point of view?


is it true that the more we use Bing, the smarter it gets by processing and learning from the inputs of users? (I hope this is true)

because then in areas Bing performs poorly (for example in certain languages), people can use it more and more to make Bing learn and become smarter in those fields.



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This is not related to the topic but sort of.

Some people would like to have a non personalized search, like edge's bing inprivate for anyone to use even without inprivate.

So that people can search without any data being used.

Well, yes, it is unrelated to the topic.
some people would like that, okay, good for them :)

Hi @Deleted, thanks for sharing. I'd love to hear other people's ideas on this. When you have a comment that is unrelated please create a new post so it can be seen by other users. 


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Hi @HotCakeX, this is a really good question! Thanks for posting it. At this time, the best way to help Bing become better is to submit feedback from the bottom of the page when you experience something that could be better. 


I'm going to talk to a few of our developers and see if I can find some more information for you. 


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yes, I've used the feedback button a couple of times, will continue using it :)
and that would be great, thank you!
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Hey @HotCakeX, there are multiple factors that go into making Bing a better search engine. In short, though, the more you use Bing the smarter it becomes. Bing uses your search history to give you better results, including personalization and autosuggest. You can manage your search history by visiting your settings. We have a rigorous feedback review process so if you come across something in Bing that you think our Developers should be aware of submitting feedback through the website is the best way to do so.  

This space can also be a resource. By posting here about your experience with a feature, other users may be prompted to comment there experiences as well. While I personally can't fix the issues I can make sure that the correct teams are aware of them. 


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Thank you for the response,

I wish Bing used people's search data anonymously as a collective data to train the AI brain behind the search engine to optimize it for the language or type of content the search was related to.


2 of the problems I've noticed in the past year that I was primarily using Bing, were: 1) Bing search results need to crawl more websites and 2) Bing reverse image search needs to have crawled more pictures.


when I reverse search the same picture in both Bing and Google, the chance of finding different sizes of that picture or finding that picture on the internet in a website is 70% to 30% in favor of Google.


these problems can even be combined into 1, which is that Bing needs more data. it already knows how to process the data, how to show small informative blocks of data around search results (not sure about their exact name) etc.


Hi @HotCakeX, I think your on to something here! If you have specific examples of the image search results I'd love to see them. If you'd like, you can DM them to me too. 


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I do notice that Bing sometimes gives me more of the image I want and the reverse search is bettter :)


Sure, just DMed them to you :)