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On the New Year quest, I did the Day 2 quiz and look what I got!!!



I got 1 point but I got 10 points?!

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I think the quiz is worth 10 points but you earned a extra point since you clicked a notfication from Bing Rewards extenstion or a quest to do it? It is strange.
@Deleted I think so too. IDK what to do.
You don't have to do anything. Is it a bug @Alyxe?

Feedback it
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Hi @Kam, that is confusing! You'll want to reach out to Microsoft Rewards Support for clarification. 


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@Alyxe Ok, I did it but couldn't attach the screenshot. Is it ok if I attach it when replying to the e-mail?
I have contacted them before and my knowedge that sometimes if you ust paste the image, it will be blocked from showing, I would say attach the file to them when they reply back.

@Kam, definitely!

@Alyxe, this was the Microsoft Rewards Support Agent's response from Microsoft Support after my including screenshots.


Hope you are doing fine today! Welcome to Microsoft Rewards support, this is a Microsoft Rewards Support Agent again from Microsoft Rewards support assisting you with Service Request xxxxxxxxxx.

Thank you very much for responding back and providing needed details, please know that we truly appreciate it. I understand that you are wondering why there is a statement stating you have earned 1 point and there is also a green check mark with 10 points, allow me to provide you details.

I personally reviewed the screenshot you have provided and I can confirm that this is also what is showing on our end. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This must have been a typographical error and I will be sure to pass this to our Product team.

However, I would like to make things clear that you have actually earned 10 points for this activity and not 1 point.

I hope this information helps and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to email us back.

Once again, thank you for reaching Microsoft Rewards support. Keep safe and have a great day ahead!


Microsoft Rewards Support Agent

Microsoft Rewards support"


P.S. I typed "Service Number xxxxxxxxx" instead of my service number because I feel it is sensitive info.

Okay, it seems that you solved the issue since they are aware and they are fixing it :)

There is a ongoing investigation with the microsoft rewareds system that caused some hickups with replying and using the rewards since I saw some error messages trying to see my point totlas

@Kam I'm really glad that they were able to get that resolved for you! Also, don't be alarmed, but I removed the support agent's name from your post. 


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@Alyxe Sure, and I edited it again for grammar.