Website index but not showing on result

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My website is indexed successful on bing and I've been getting up to 100 search clicks a day from Bing.
Recently I stop getting traffic from Bing. I check that my pages are indexed using the URL inspection tool.
But when I check using site: to check if I appear on Bing at all, it shows some results have been removed. I did the same with some other URLs of my website and it's still the same.
What could be the problem?
Website is indexed but not showing on Bing's search result.
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same issue i am facing from 12 nov 2021. my site pages suddenly disappear from the search results. my site is on tech niche @Vicsguide 

@rakeshrangha_ni so many people facing this issue

Tech niche too
did you find any solution for this issue
I got reply from bing as below
Thank you for writing to Bing Webmaster Support. I have reviewed your site, and I have now reached out to our Product Review Group for further analysis.

In the meantime, you can go through our Bing Webmaster guidelines to check if your site is violating any of the rules cited in Bing Webmaster Guidelines, especially the section Things to Avoid, and thoroughly check your site for any deliberately or accidentally employed SEO techniques that may have adversely affected your standing in Bing and Bing-powered search results.



Two of my sites faced similar issues and my traffic went down horribly. Bing was the only source of traffic and I was able to generate decent revenue. Please let me know if you were able to resolve the issues.

I also facing this issue in my all websites.

same problem for 1 month. No response from Bing ... My site has disappeared from the search engine ...