URL cannot appear on Bing AND URL can be indexed by Bing

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Under the Bing Index tab, I see a red X and: 

Discovered but not crawled. URL cannot appear on Bing.

However, under the Live URL tab, I see a green checkmark and:

URL can be indexed by Bing


How am I supposed to interpret these conflicting messages?



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Hi @digdoug,

the messages you're encountering pertain to different stages of the indexing process. To break it down:

  • Discovered but not crawled:
    this indicates that Bing has identified your URL but hasn't yet crawled it. Until the crawling process occurs, your URL won't be included in Bing search results.
    Possible reasons for this delay could include a robots.txt file blocking Bingbot, the website being inaccessible during crawling attempts, or the site being too new for Bingbot to have crawled it.

  • URL can be indexed by Bing: This message in the Live URL tab signifies that Bingbot has successfully crawled the URL without encountering any issues that would hinder indexing. In other words, the URL is now eligible to appear in Bing search results.

So, these messages aren't contradictory. A URL can first be discovered and then, once crawled successfully without issues, it becomes eligible for indexing by Bing. If the "Discovered but not crawled" message persists, it's advisable to investigate potential reasons preventing Bingbot from crawling your URL.

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