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Hi All, 


I have published a new blog on my website (external website link removed). This blog talks about one of our products, and we wanted to have a traffic from the website that particular product site and branding the keywords for the same. But, unfortunately when I analyze the Bing webmaster tool, it shows the query related to the particular blog, and the blog page is the top impressions page on the "Page" report. So how to resolve this as I am fear of losing potential keywords and pages on the top. I have provided the screenshots for your reference. 


How to resolve this?Bing - Keywords.pngBing - Pages.png

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Hello - thanks for the question and I hope you get some good feedback.


Just a quick note to let you know we don't allow external links here on Tech Community, as per our code of conduct, to keep the community free of spam and self-promotion, so we've removed your link. Please don't include such links in the future.

Hello @Eric Starker 


Thanks for your kind reply about the guidelines that I didn't aware of posting a link here. But, still my query is not resolved. How can I find top rated community members to get advice for the issue. 




@ashokkumarv Hello! Thanks for your inquiry.


Tech Community is not a support site where you have a guaranteed response (nor do I have the ability to get someone to respond) but hopefully one of the experts here can help!


If you need more immediate support, you can try the Bing webmaster support resources here: https://www.bing.com/webmasters/help/webmaster-support-24ab5ebf