Try searching "William McKinley" in Bing

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Web else seeing that? Not there in Google search. 

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I'm not seeing it




Bing usually shows those sidebar contents from websites.

I don't know what's the source of that text, your screenshot is cut. but I couldn't find the word "sex" in the Wikipedia page.


That is very strange. It's there too on my mobile.  I know it's not in the original Wiki pg.

Can you find out the source of it? should be displayed there.

Source is wiki.  I am in Canada.  Is this on the server I'm searching from?  May need tech support on this.



Yeah, that's funny though
by the way there should be a feedback button on the Bing page too which lets you select a part of the page for your report

Done the feedback.  Below is the url. Can someone try ?


William McKinley - Bing

ok. it's not there anymore.  Someone must have done something.

Wonder if this is the SolarWind hack related.  Hmmm.....

Or someone was constantly messing with that Wikipedia page

@HotCakeX  No I went and checked the wiki pg right away and it was fine. Must have been from the MS server.

No issues for me either, I am in canada