The only thing that keeps me from switching to Bing as my default and daily search engine is This.

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Bing changes my safe search settings every time I connect to my VPN (another Country). Every single time. Google does Not do this.


so it happens like this. at first I don't use VPN and I'm connected with my own IP address to the Internet, I do a search in Bing and from the side panel I see safe search is set to restricted, so I go to the settings and turn that thing off.

after few minutes I connect my VPN, reopen my browser and do a search in Bing, I see the safe search setting is back to restricted/moderate. again I go to the Bing settings and turn it off.

now I turn off my VPN and use my own IP again, reopen my browser, do a search in Bing and there it is. safe search is back to restricted again!


this is beyond frustrating, words can't even describe it. I do love Bing and I hate to use Google knowing they are a data mining company. but things like that....LITTLE things like that, prevent me from using Bing.


I have this problem with Bing on both mobile and PC. using Microsoft Edge browser.


Bing should retain my preferences Either in the form of cookies or in my Account settings. when I explicitly set a specific country in Bing settings and then turn off safe search for it, it shouldn't be changed automatically, no matter what IP I use, because it's still MY Microsoft account, not somebody else's, I don't set the country to "Auto-detect" or anything like that and I don't want safe search preferences to be reset when my country changes/I use VPN.


the problem with Bing is that Microsoft tied Safe search preference to country. that's so wrong. they are 2 different things.



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