The new "Microsoft Bing" logo - please remove it

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@Alyxe Why did the Bing team remove the old Bing logo and put the new Bing logo?! I don't like it. "Microsoft Bing" is just too long a name. @HotCakeX please tell me what you think.

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I'm okay with it, don't really mind. I care more about how Bing performs rather than what its logo looks like
Yeah, @HotCakeX, but I also want the logo to be nice and catchy. Many people will switch to Bing if the logo is nice AND it performs well.
I don't think the logo is as much important as the performance but okay.

@Kam, the Bing logo is a feature we've received a lot of feedback about over time. The change in branding came from the continued expansion of our platform across multiple brands. While most sentiment around the rebrand has been mostly positive, we appreciate all feedback about our efforts to improve and expand.