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Hi all,


for some reason I seem unable to switch off "Give with Bing" after accidentally turning it on. The "switch it off" button is grayed out and not clickable. I have been checking in IE, Edge, Edge (Chrome) and Firefox on different computers as well as on mobile - to no avail. Emptying cache etc. does not help either.




Any suggestion?




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Problem still persists.

I now contacted Microsoft Rewards Support. Maybe they can help.


Edit: I received this automated reply:


Thanks for contacting Microsoft Rewards Customer Support.


We're sorry but we're currently unable to provide assisted support. We're working hard to get back up as quickly as possible. Please check out support.microsoft.com for our other support options and latest status. Thanks for your patience and understanding.



Issue seems to be resolved: As of today Give with Bing can be toggled on and off an both mobile and PC.

@Sven_Ottoson Thanks for keeping this thread updated throughout your experience. I'm glad that the issue has been resolved. This space will now be regularly monitored so feel free to share your insights and feedback any time.


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@Sven_Ottoson  I'm having a heck of a time shutting off Give with Bing  , Help !!