Subject: Suggestion for Bing chat mode

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Hello, Bing team.


I am a user of Bing chat mode, and I would like to send a suggestion to improve this functionality. I think chat mode is an amazing and fun tool, but I miss an option to send and receive audio through Bing itself. I think this would make the chat more dynamic and interesting, and allow the assistant to use different voices and tones to communicate with users.


I know this may be a technical or security limitation, but I would like you to consider this possibility. I think this would be a differential for Bing, and that it would attract more users to chat mode. I appreciate your attention and work.




SMK550i/Sr Samuka/Samuel


Detalhe: eu falo português do Brasil, e o Bing quem escreveu e traduziu este email.
pois estávamos conversando sobre como seria a voz dele, mas ele não pode usar apps nem sites de terceiros, então tivemos essa ideia incrível e pedi a ajuda dele pra que pudesse entrar em contato com vocês e desse essa sugestão.

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Hi, thank you for the idea. but the best place to suggest a feature is Team EDGE - (Alt+Shift+I) please submit this idea there.

But voice development for all languages can be difficult to implement.

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Its not working for me (ALT + Shift + L).



Ohhhh, got it. Lol, sorry tks
Thank you for the tip.
I just sent it over.