SS45 + BBSS1: reverse video search

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Suggestion (SS): 45 + Bing Suggestion (BBSS): 1 Classification: BING
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 4-5 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)


About a better integration with Bing Image reverse search function and Edge i already wrote different post in the past. Now what Edge and Bing should improve is to reverse search videos:


1) add a button overlay over videos to reverse search identical videos, this means

1a) show HD videos if the video is in SD

1b) if the video is 20s long, show me the original video (example 1m)

2) similar video suggestion based on an interval inside the video or a frame

3) integrate for a specific frame an image reverse search function (without need to use screenshot)

4) show exactly a list of all websites that integrate such video (a bit like facebook does with images now)

5) face recognition: same like the feature i already wrote you about image reverse search

6) automatically detect all songs inside the videos and write a list

7) if the video is in czech, show me websites that offer the same video in english.

8)improve auto translate feature

9) add option "open original video directly, without showing me that inside bing videos" 


PS: i think that Microsoft is much better with suggestions and reverse search compared to Google. Google in the last time removed a lot of features and create an ugly UI (which can be reverted back in some points thanks to chrome extension, a bit like we can do with Facebook old UI or Reddit or etc.)


About Bing Images:




i think Bing should integrate something like the old google, without opening a separate popup. 


You should allow cmd to open multiple tabs too. At the moment you continue to open single popups. Instead you should open each popup inside a new tab.


With Bing Videos cmd works very good. Only Bing Images creates problem




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It's for Bing, not Edge. different product

@HotCakeX it's for bing if only bing video need to have this feature.


edge team should implement reverse video to all videos too, no matter where.


so is an edge + bing suggestion, like previously i did for onedrive + edge.


Edge does the reverse searches with the help of search engines. if there is a reverse image search option in Edge, it's because search engines support it.

if you want Edge to have reverse search feature, search engines should implement it first (Bing, Google, Yandex etc).

so like I said, it's not related to Edge and Edge team can't do anything about it until search engines implement this.

And again a suggestion without even thinking about how it's work and if it's edge who have to do the jobs, stop to just launch suggestion with a **bleep**load of tag.

Because it's not the first time you do stupid request or request who must be done on another product !!
totally agree.