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I noticed that sometimes in inrpivate or gues or new profiles, the page is slightly off ligned. No, sliding the browser dose not fix it. The logo is missing and part of the page is broken,


Please fix,


Thank you



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There is a feedback button on every Bing page.
Yes, but how do I exactly send a screenshot? Just explain it?
I am just wondering if anyone is having this issue and is this only happening in the Edge browser since of the new update
Bing feedback lets user select a part of the page when the feedback popup is shown.
Yes, I understand, but there is no drag and point option, only on a webpage text or box but not the search results. I'll try though
You can upload screenshot to imgur website and paste the link in the text field
if not imgur then there are thousands of other alternatives, even upload to OneDrive and share it in the feedback as link.
That is a great idea!! I usually don't' do that since a lot ofen time when I am with a support lagent, they dont' have the permission to access those sites.

Wil do :)


You're welcome :)
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Hi @Deleted, this would be a perfect thing to submit feedback on. Thank you @HotCakeX for the excellent pointers on submitting feedback! 


Alyxandria (she/her)
Community Manager - Bing Insiders

Hey Alyxe, thanks for the reminder. Yes, I have summbited feedback about this using Bing.




It seems though that  Mac is getting the fact sheets first and I did notice that when I was l=clicking hte info on the new tab on mac. It was the first time, can't wait for it to come soon 


That looks beautiful, love the page design
Yup, it is really amazing! ! Micorsoft will never stop to amaze me with there awesome design!! keep it up Bing Team!! I got you rback :)
Yeah true
Yeah, just wondering why it was appeared on Mac though. Well have a great day. I will mark this thread as resolved since it will be fixed after sending feedabck