Search page of Bing automatically jumping to the top of page.

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I am just starting a new discussion here in reference to a similar one posted a while back. There is no response since Mar 16, 2021 requesting URL and version which makes no sense. Another member has replied with the problem recently (May 23, 2022). The issue encountered by me is same as described in the post.


Could someone please assist with narrowing the possible cause and resolution for this?


Pages of automatically jumping to the top of page

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‎Mar 03 2021 01:24 PM

When opening the search result link in the new Tab and return to the Bing Tab after some seconds/minutes, suddenly the page automatically jumping to the top of the page, and this happens in all of Bing website pages(Tested with Edge Chromium, Chrome, Firefox ESR), and I have this problem for several months.




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Have same issue. Thought I'd give Bing search a try with the new year, but after trying it for 2 days, this seems to be a deal breaker. Back to Google search…  Pages of automatically jumping to the top of page
Have same issue. Thought I'd give Bing search a try with the new year, but after trying it for 2 days, this seems to be a deal breaker. Back to Google search


I have the same issue. It happens for both Edge and Firefox browser. I'm not sure why. Baidu and Google do not have such issue.
Bing is very important in China. However, the issue of auto jumping to the top, has existed for months.
Having the same issue here. Incredibly irritating, results in losing my place in search results and clicking the wrong links.
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So, I switched to Bing a month ago and.. I HAD the same problem, but I just fixed it !

There's a function in a script file triggered when Bing Search is Out of Focus, waiting for 15 seconds, and then Scroll the page to the top.


Why ? ... I really don't know ... but, who cares ? ;)


For Tampermonkey addon users on Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera and Firefox, the simple way is to install a script like this.


Updated version on GreaseFork ! - See at the bottom of this post for the link.



// ==UserScript==
// @name         FIX for "Bing Search returns to the top" !
// @namespace
// @version      0.12
// @description  Stop doing weird things, Bing ! ;)
// @author       Geekness
// @match        http*://*
// @icon
// @grant        none
// @license      MIT
// ==/UserScript==

(function() {
    'use strict';
    AwayTimeThreshold = 2_592_000;



Tampermonkey will say there's an error, saying the variable is not defined, it's normal, don't worry.


Installing Tampermonker and create a new script then pasting my code, is not really difficult if you need a solution.


AwayTimeThreshold defines the waiting time in seconds when the tab is no longer active to scroll up the page. (Default value: 15 seconds)

Some sort of temporary (but for a long time, i think ^^) solution is to set an impossible value to reach to this variable. (2 592 000 seconds = One month.)

I currently use this solution, and it works like a charm ! ;)

I could try to make an extension for Chrome and Edge to simplify the solution, but for now, this is a solution.

Tell me if you need help and share this solution to your friends, co-workers, etc... Thanks !

Addon Links:

Tampermonkey - Chrome Web Store (

Tampermonkey - Microsoft Edge Addons

Tampermonkey – For :fox_face: Firefox (fr) (


Script Link : FIX for "Bing Search returns to the top" ! (

Nice! A simple suggestion:
replace domain http*://*
to http*://**
sometimes the webpage of bing does not begin with “www.”.
Shweet, I couldn't figure out why it wasn't working for me and this fixed it, legend!

That is awesome, @Geekness_! I just kept thinking it is one of my extensions that is interfering and causing this behavior. Gave up on Microsoft to respond, so stopped checking this page. Glad to see your response, and very appreciative for your effort and solution.


I have reverted to Google search after some frustration because of this issue, and also based on it giving more relevant results for my search. But I will implement this solution so that it helps if I consider going back to Bing.


Some of us don't know how to do that script stuff. Is there a simpleton solution for the rest of us?


Well done Geekness,
That is bonza. Seems to work a treat. Thank you