Search page of Bing automatically jumping to the top of page.

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I am just starting a new discussion here in reference to a similar one posted a while back. There is no response since Mar 16, 2021 requesting URL and version which makes no sense. Another member has replied with the problem recently (May 23, 2022). The issue encountered by me is same as described in the post.


Could someone please assist with narrowing the possible cause and resolution for this?


Pages of automatically jumping to the top of page

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‎Mar 03 2021 01:24 PM

When opening the search result link in the new Tab and return to the Bing Tab after some seconds/minutes, suddenly the page automatically jumping to the top of the page, and this happens in all of Bing website pages(Tested with Edge Chromium, Chrome, Firefox ESR), and I have this problem for several months.




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