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I have a question about the search operators in Bing. I'm trying to find information on a local site, but every single search yields only travel and booking and hotel options for the first many choices, none of which have anything to do with my search other than trying to sell me a vacation near that place. (see image below)


As you can see, terms exclusively omitted from the search in this case turn up in the first two possibilities. 

Am I doing something wrong in constructing these queries? To add, a space after the exclusion doesn't seem to make any difference.

I see this isn't the most robust of communities, but I'm hoping it's unusual (and simple) enough that someone may have an answer.





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I could not write anything that excluded, so I asked Bing AI, it came up with this which also does not exclude what you are trying to exclude. I guess Bing wants to get paid,

santa maria de ahuacatlan -(booking OR packages OR rental OR vrbo)
Perhaps you should consider the search from another angle. What is it that you want to get out of the search?


Thanks for the try. I actually am on the "new Bing" testing program as well, and got a similar result.

I am usually pretty good about structuring queries, but now I'm really more in a theoretical place about it to tell the truth. For the info I want I'll just go to the library and use a book. It's generally free of advertisement and deceit from conscious manipulation of search terms. LOL 

My primary question and theory is why is something explicitly excluded the very first result that turns up in a search?

I don't think those are even paid links, they are just what should be an organic result, which is completely antithetical to the thing I have asked it to look for. Lol


Thank you so much for weighing in, and for seeing if you had similar results. I was not above thinking that maybe it was just something I had done.


FWIW what I am honestly looking for is information on the history of the building, a couple of the legends surrounding the Cristo Negro there, and honestly, any information on that building that is not about where to stay, rentals, hotels, tour companies or the tourism industry. LOL. 







I believe that with more context in the search, you can push those down the list. That is what I typically do.


The only thing that works for me is to run the query on G—gle, especially when I want to get rid of the Pinterest results that are promoted to the top in image searches.

@PixSmith Its been busted since mid-2022, Many users have gone to B!ng suggestions, but I don't think they are going to do anything about it. MY OPNION it is just another unethical lie by Microsoft. You see, B!ng generates revenue not only when you click on a link, but just by presenting it as a selection makes them money.  In the advertising business it is called "eyeballs".  Which logically explains why you use - or NOT, even more links show up and they are placed at the TOP of the page, hope upon hope you will click on something and make them a penny, nickle, dime and depending on the advtiser $1 - $20 or more.
Go B!ng (NOT) to bypass the underhanded presentation of lies, just type "search phrase here -not there" without the quotes.  You still get a B!ng credit for the search, but not after its passed over to Google.  There  oughta be a law.