Recipes in Bing Reimagined!


Hey Insiders! 
I'm curious; who here likes cooking? Every weekend I plan my meals for the upcoming week. One thing that takes a lot of time is scrolling through the recipe author's blog to get to the recipe. Thankfully Bing Recipes search has cut right to the chase! Comment below if you've used this feature. Bonus points: your favorite recipe you've found using Bing. 


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Alyxandria (she/her)
Community Manager - Bing Insiders

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I agree with you, that's a good point, blogs each have different styles, themes, ads etc.
Bing recipe lists all the necessary info in a standard clean design that stays the same and familiar for all of them.
Hi all I will continue to say that I do not cook, but as I saw your presentation I'm hungry! And that's the effect of a good bing idea! It was still nice to see the favorite recipes of the world - continent - country and I would add comments from people who ate it = what are the comparisons and opinions about certain dishes! Good luck