Problem with Bing Wallpaper app


It keeps changing my Fit setting to "Span" and always looks terrible on my displays. I'd like to set my own preference, but it keeps changing it back. Is there any way to prevent this happening?

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@caresrg Thanks for letting us know. We've shared your feedback with our Bing Wallpaper App team so they can work towards making sure your settings stay the way you want them.


Alyxandria (she/her)
Community Manager - Bing Insiders

Mine defaults to Fill every time it changes wallpaper.  I have it set to Stretch, as I have multiple screens with different resolutions, so annoying for it to keep changing this !! Either way, Bing Wallpaper should leave this setting alone.

I have this same problem. On multiple monitors, 3 total, the Microsoft Bing logo is getting cut off on the lower right side of the monitors. When set to stretch this fixes the problem until the next daily wallpaper update and then the wallpaper reverts to Fill and logo is cutoff! Have tried troubleshooting but am still needing help. Windows 11 MinisForum U700 machine. Thanks @Sphere2080