Points not accruing

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I can get points for the Daily Set, but I cannot get points for anything else such as PC, Phone, More Activities. Is anyone else having this problem and any ideas on how to fix this?




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@srbuckeye74   I'm having the same problem.  I have restarted my computer.  Used my phone, iPad and 2 different browsers.  Hope they get it fixed soon.  My husband is having the same problem with his account.  :(

thanks. Thought it was just my computer an internet


I'm having the same issue since yesterday.

Same. No credit for phone or PC searches. @srbuckeye74 

[Update - Now working but some search still not provide credits even if they are different, so seems it is getting slowly fixed]

@Zak707 @srbuckeye74 It's still not working for me. Search points on web browser worked when I tried after work but the +10 point activities under daily set ain't been working since this morning. Not working in start app either. Smh