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When opening the search result link in the new Tab and return to the Bing Tab after some seconds/minutes, suddenly the page automatically jumping to the top of the page, and this happens in all of Bing website pages(Tested with Edge Chromium, Chrome, Firefox ESR), and I have this problem for several months.

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Thanks for letting us know, @Behzad_A. Next time this happens please submit feedback by clicking on Feedback at the bottom of any Bing website.

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I have the same problem. I have written many times to support Bing Pages, but no one has answered me. I hope that this will be a temporary problem.
@TommyDordo Interesting, when this happens can you let me know? I'll need the URL of the page as well as the browser your using and the version number. Thanks!

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Happens to me all the time too.
Did you ever get this fixed?
Hi Alyxe
I get this issue almost every time I use Bing search, Windows or Android, it is extremely annoying! Could you please help.

i have the same issue. Edge is up to date as of today
2023 and this is still happening, just FYI. It's incredibly annoying.

I hope this helps a lot of people but this problem is not isolated to just one browser.  It happens on all of them and not just to Windows.  I have an Apple and had the same issue. Here is what I found, it only happens seemingly with a Bluetooth mouse.  I would have to say it is a Bluetooth issue.  I am using presently a mouse connection with the usb or C, and have not had it happen so far. 

Just chiming in to report that I'm also seeing this occasionally in Bing search pages.
Just had it reset to the top of the page when I tried to click a link - extremely annoying.
I, too, have this same issue, and it is driving me nuts. I'm at the verge of giving up using Bing as it is slowing me down. Every time I return from a tab, I have to go back down the list, try to find the last link I visited and proceed. In the end, if it is a particularly long list, I often miss some while trying to locate the last link visited.

I have notified through Feedback, but as in the past with issues, I received a boilerplate email response acknowledging the submission. And again, as in the past, nothing changes. I had problems with Microsoft Shopper's Assistant and had to stop using it two years ago for that same reason. No matter how many “Feedback” notices I sent, I would just receive the boilerplate email, “we've received your email about your problem…”.

Microsoft is a very large company, larger than Apple, and yet why they can't assign coders or an entire building of them to handle these bugs is beyond me. This was one of the reasons I left Microsoft products back in 2003 and switched to Apple. Now that Apple is what it is, they too are acting in the same manner.

Maybe I should give up and go back to using the library, books with covers, pages, and notebooks. At least if I screw up, I'll have no one else to blame but myself.
That's a shame. You really shouldn't have to switch from a Bluetooth mouse to a corded one just to have Microsoft Bing function properly. I have this same problem too, but I'll be damned if I have to go and acquire a corded mouse to use Bing. I'll stop using Bing altogether before even thinking of such thing. As a matter of fact, this is driving me nuts today (more than usual) and that is what prompted me to try to search for a solution or bug report. Thus, here I is. And now seeing that this is a known issue and many are experiencing it and all who've mentioned sending in a bug report like myself have only received the same boilerplate/non-response from MS, I've just decided the hell with it. I'm switching back to Google and the Duck. I don't like Google, but at least I can do my work and research without having to deal with things like this as if it is still the 90s.

Hell, as much as I don't like defending Google, but could you imagine a bug like this going on with them, and yet they're letting it go on and on without addressing it?
I stopped using Bing altogether too. I don't like using that type of mouse. Bluetooth is so much better.
That's terrible. I hoped at least maybe you were able to find a way. Sorry it didn't work out for you either. It doesn't seem MS really is taking the situation seriously, if at all. LOL, maybe it's time to break MS up like Ma Bell was decades ago. :) Yeah, I know… apples and oranges. Just my frustration getting the best of me.
Also happens in Bing News. I'm looking for a Google News replacement since they just forced users into a totally different interface. Bing News is the best combination of curation and presentation that I've encountered, but this thing of losing my place every time I switch to another tab and back is a deal killer.
Firefox 110.0 on Fedora 36.



If anyone search for a fix, I just posted a sort of solution to this problem on another thread.


Here is the link : Re: Search page of Bing automatically jumping to the top of page. - Microsoft Community Hub


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@IT Manager I don't know if it works for Bing News, but I think it will, try it and tell me if it helps you.

This occurs 100% of the time, I am certain on all users browsers, All versions: Canary/Dev/Beta/Released I just submitted this again via feedback, this time recording what happened. I don't think any other feedback has been looked at but at least I tried.

I’m currently have this same issue on my iPhone 12. If I go to google on safari it doesn’t scroll to the top like it does w/ Microsoft bing so I’m guessing it has to be an issue with Microsoft bing!