Outdated Content Removal Tool Not Working

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Has anyone gotten the outdated content removal tool to work?? I'm doing everything as I should be and entering the words or phrases that were present on the page prior to the content being deleted but it will not accept my submission no matter what. I tried to contact Bing support and they were zero help and tried to tell me its my iPhone. Meanwhile my business and reputation is being damaged every minute these links are still up. Do I need to get my lawyer to sue Bing for me or what do I have to do to get these links removed?? The links are only up because of malicious and illegal activity, which it would seem that Bing is supporting by not allowing the public a way to request removal of these types of things. Please help!

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@CSZ1234w Hi I am having the same exact problem. Have you tried searching on bing from a different device?  I do know sometimes after content is deleted it can still show if you’ve already viewed that content from the same device.   

What contact email did you reach out to bing? Maybe it was sent to the wrong department and was skipped over.  I am currently searching for the correct contact email that can aid this situation as well.


hopefully we can figure this out soon! @CSZ1234w 

@Lmizzi I honestly think it’s done on purpose, because Microsoft doesn’t want to do the work to delist anything, the only workaround I have found is reporting it as a privacy concern. It got taken care of for me this way, please let me know if you find anything else or another workaround for this!