New Features from our Bing Dev team!


Curious as to what the Bing Devs have been up to lately? 


Answer: Working hard on bringing you an awesome new search experience!



In our latest blog post, we've covered new features to make searching on Bing even more convenient. Let me know what you think in the comments! 

Alyxandria (she/her)
Community Manager - Bing Insiders

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These are great, but unfortunately only work in English.

I tried other languages for the recipe but they still have the old design.
Hi @HotCakeX, good catch. To start features are launched in English. One of our goals is to be as inclusive as possible. When we are able we will be launching features to other languages as well.

Community Manager - Bing Insider (she/her)
Thank you, looking forward to that :)