New features for Microsoft Bing and Microsoft Edge that Launched in January!


Hey Insiders! :stareyes:

Have you seen this article: Make the Most of Your Time Online? At the end of January Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Bing launched quite a few new features to make your browsing experience that much better! Which one is your favorite? 




Alyxandria (she/her)
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Sync is a fundamental feature that was completed early this year but my favorite one is PWAs (progressive web apps) :)




hi, how do I get Excel to do a pie chart on Chromebook???

Hi @javen2340, welcome to the Bing Insiders Community! This is a space for you to share your thoughts and questions about Bing and connect with others who are also Bing enthusiasts. Since this space is Bing Centric, I don't have the answers for you regarding MS Excel. You may want to check the Microsoft 365 Community. 


Alyxandria (she/her)
Community Manager - Bing Insiders

@Alyxe Ugh! ALL this new stuff coming out on/ for Microsoft Edge, and I can't/ (am) unable to use it because my Dell Chromebook 11 3189 isn't "compatible." :facepalm: Feeling SO left out!

Well the problem is "Chromebook" and how they locked down that platform.

@Rae_Rae Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that! Hope you get to try out the Edge browser soon!


Alyxandria (she/her)
Community Manager - Bing Insiders

@Alyxe Thank you! I, too, hope to try Microsoft Edge soon!!! -lol!:stareyes:

@Rae_Rae I feel you. My son has a chromebook for school. I knew they were intended for 'light business-work' and web browsing, but I hadn't realized how limiting that could be. There isn't even an alarm clock chrome web app, so when his iPad crapped out I had to get him a Kindle. I heard rumors that Chrome will be able to run full blown android apps soon, but that was a while back and I haven't followed up on it. I don't think they'll be worth buying until then. As far as I can tell, you pay the same for the hardware, but get some savings from not having to pay for a Windows license.


I don't know your machine specs, but maybe you could install Linux? If that would take up too much space or machine power, and your computer is touchscreen, maybe you could install Android. Some versions of Linux can now run Android apps and Bing and Edge are both available for Android.