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I have used Bing for many years now and LOVE it. I have been using Bing on my cell phone, I even removed Google search from my device home screen and replaced it with Bing. I love that I can hit the microphone and talk my search to it. What would be nice would be a feature like the "OK Google" where no matter if my phone is locked or not, I can say OK Google and she answers.

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@Twiggy59 What about "Hey, Cortana?"
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Hey @Twiggy59, that's a great idea. Currently, we don't have a voice-activated command for Bing on cell phones. On any Android or iPhone, you can download the Cortana app and add it to your lock screen


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Thanks, I didn't think about Cortana!
Thanks, I didn't think about Cortana! I will give that a try.
@Twiggy59 You're welcome!


Unfortunately soon, (early 2021) Cortana on Android and IOS is being depreciated and removed