My website is not indexing in bing search engine

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Hey folks!

Hopefully, everyone reading this will be fine. I am having an issue with bing indexing. I am the owner of a website that is not getting indexed in BING SEARCH ENGINE. I am really worried. The screenshot is attached below

bing is not indexing my website.png


Google has indexed all of my articles but bing has some problem with my website named huntingwhiz. I don't know what to do and where to get things sorted. I am confused. Only one page is indexed till now. Below is the name of the website. Please check it for me. 

Website: Huntingwhiz

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Same issue here. Since march 2022. I have tried cleaning up my site. Made updates and edition to improve on quality but still no results even I have Have reached out to webmasters support but no response. My site is still not showing up in Bing search index. When I search for my site in Bing all it shows down in the button "Some results removed" which I believe my site is blocked.

On the other hand my site is doing well in Google and has no issues. Don't know whats wrong with Bing.

Hope a support coordinator from Bing respond on this matter. This matter is not only faced by minority of website owners but majority and this is happening since the start of 2021.

I believe with this issue or an error Bing is losing a lot of quality from Bing Search. I have seen some of the quality websites not showing in Bing.

Looking upto Bing support.


Reaching out to Bing Webmasters support. The form cannot be submitted and shows an error. This is really becoming bad. Bing having so many bugs.

Hey all!

Hope you are doing well,

I have a problem with Bing indexing. I am the owner of a Crazy Movie Updates website that is not indexed in the BING search engine. I am really worried.


I have followed all the Bing Guidelines, but also still my website is not showing Bing search engine whereas Google has indexed all my articles can you please suggest how to solve this problem


My website: Crazy Movie Updates