My Website is De Indexed from Bing

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My website  is de-indexed from bing webmaster. 
I have attached screenshot, there were 8 posts indexed on bing till 15th october, but then all were de-indexed. you can see the green line declining and touching to zero at the end, meaning nothing is now indexed.



 If i search site: my site/ url on bing, i could not find my site in search results, 


Sitemap is submitted, urls were being manually requested for submission, both did not work,

i have also contacted bing support but they did not point out the specific issue.

what colud be the possible reason of it? and how to solve/ re-index the website on bing?


will be thankful to your precious suggestions,


waiting for help.


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hello, did you figure out what was the problem? i have exactly the same problem and also with the same date of de indexing.